Alex Fox

From: Raleigh, NC

Lives in: NYC

Professional Experience: Investment Banking, Financial Analyst (Digital Advertising)

Favorite way to smoke: Blunts

Favorite Sport: Basketball, Soccer

Best Vacation: Jamaica

Favorite High Activity: Hiking

Favorite High food: Motz Sticks

Favorite Book: Born A Crime by Trevor Noah

Why do you use Cannabis: As a reward at the end of a long day to help me relax. It slows down time for me and boosts my creativity which are what I enjoy the most about smoking.

What do you like about working at LeafBulb: I have always found that there is a complete misconception of cannabis and productivity. I think that sharing my personal experience will introduce people that could benefit from consuming marijuana in a non-intimidating way and give people that do not fit the traditional stoner mold someone to relate with.

Chief Leaf

From: White Plains, NY

Lives in: Philly

Professional Experience: Web Development, Data Analytics

Favorite way to smoke: Joints

Favorite Sport: Basketball, Track & Field

Best Vacation: Anywhere in the Caribbean

Favorite High Activity: Running

Favorite High food: Fresh Fruit

Favorite Book: Shoe Dog by Phil Knight

Why do you use Cannabis: To relieve pain after a tough workout, to manage stress after a long workday, and to boost creativity on the weekends.

What do you like about working at LeafBulb: I enjoy being an advocate for cannabis and building an online brand that other high achievers can identify with.

Justin Nguyen

From: Raleigh, NC

Lives in: Boston

Professional Experience: Doctoral Student in the Natural Sciences

Favorite way to smoke: Vape

Favorite Sport: Basketball, Endurance Training

Best Vacation: New Zealand

Favorite High Activity: Watching Planet Earth

Favorite High food: Reese Milkshake

Favorite Book: How to Change your Mind by Michael Pollan

Why do you use Cannabis: I use CBD daily to ease my nerves and keep my spirits high. It also helps me recover from my daily endurance training regimen.

What do you like about working at LeafBulb: As Head of Content, I enjoy learning about the fast-growing field of cannabis research. It is rewarding to be on the front lines of that push and to provide easily consumable content to educate our viewers. Learning is fun! And when its about a topic that could help society there is an even added bonus of motivation!