Friends welcome back. I am really excited to dive back into music this week after a few weeks of how to’s and educational tips. I put together a list of my favorite EDM music videos to watch when stoned. These are genuinely really fun to watch after smoking so I “highly” recommend checking them out until you have watched them all. So eat an edible and get ready to get couch-locked to invest some time in some beautiful EDM glory.



1. All Tomorrow Land after movies 

Every year in Belgium, the largest music festival in the world happens (I need to go)! After which, they create a recap movie. The after movies are blockbuster quality and show beautiful people having the time of their lives. I am convinced this is accurate. If you want to soak up some of the good vibes that happen in a festival, that is both expensive and hard to get to, you can always get stoned and throw on one of the after movies. It’s a pretty solid alternative to actually going.



2. Kaytranada Boiler Room sets 

I discovered what a boiler room set is from Kaytranada when I came across him (story in previous post) in this video. It forever changed my late night. If you want to watch people partying (its really funny when you’re high), and also hear live mixed hot fire jams, then throw one of these on and let the late night king serenade you with greatness.



3. Don’t You Worry Child 

The music video of Don’t You Worry Child (an EDM classic) takes place at Swedish House Mafia’s last set ever together at Ultra in 2013 (yes, they have since decided to play some shows together in 2019, but just ignore that when watching.) It marked the end of the super group and they closed with this song, which is an absolute classic.



4. Ping Pong – Amin Van Buren 

The trance king put together a hilarious music video for one of his classic songs. The song has a unique sound with it. It is based off two people playing ping pong with the sound of the ball bouncing serving as the cadence for the whole song. The music video will have you laughing out loud when you are stoned and the music will have you feeling great. 



5. Electricity – Silk City & Dua Lipa ft. Diplo & Mark Ronson

This is the most recent of the songs on the list. When I first saw this music video I had just finished an edible with Chief Leaf, my fellow LeafBulb writer, and we decided to throw some music videos on. The YouTube algorithm came through yet again when it queue up this song, which we watch 5 times in a row in amazement. 

Let me know what you all think in the comments. Toke up and enjoy.