Many of my friends have told me, “I don’t have fun when I get high, it just makes me paranoid.” This is because they are doing it wrong.

Unlike alcohol, marijuana needs a delicately curated experience to maximize its potential and have a great time.

Luckily, I am here to help. Today I am going to give you the dos and don’ts for stoned adults.


1. Smoke when you are extremely intoxicated. I know many people who say they have only smoked when they were drunk. It gave them the spins and caused them to feel terrible. Avoid doing this because it will taint your weed experiences.

2. Go to crowded, claustrophobic places with a lot of strangers. Avoid places like trains and crowded shops because they will heighten your anxiety.

3. Hang out with friends of friends that you don’t know well/that may not smoke. Going to a stranger’s house when you are baked or having them in your home (e.g., a mutual friend) can create high-stress situations that ruin the buzz. **Unless you are smoking with them, which is a great way to make friends and have a good time.

4. Get too high. This is different for everyone but as a non-regular smoker you should start slow.


1. Smoke with close friends who have experience smoking and share similar interests with you. This will lead to the best time because you will be on the same page about what fun stoned things you want to do.

2. Do outside activities in open spaces. My personal favorite thing to do when stoned is to go for a swim and lay out in the sun. Some other actives I enjoy are going to a park and throwing the football/frisbee or lounging around in nature. When on the go, I like to bring a vape pen with me for easy access and staying elevated.

3. Eat salty, hearty food. If there was ever a time to get loaded tater-tots and ice cream, it is when you are stoned. Snack away but do not eat too much so that you get sick.

4. Watch tv and listen to music at the same time. Check out my past stories for great music for lounging. I personally love watching sports and listening to some high vibes.

5. Have a “safe space”, like a home or apartment that you can retreat to if the outside world becomes too much. There is nothing wrong with ending a high day by watching a movie on your couch.

Most of these tips seems straight forward but for people that do not have experience in maximizing being high, these are some keys to a great time. These can also help you realize how much fun being stoned can be.

In summary, avoid getting into any remotely stressful situation and curate the vibes towards positive ones and you will have a great time. I follow these rules on most of my Saturdays and they have yet to let me down. Happy toking. Peace.