Learn the best way to smoke with your friends

Unless you like to quickly burn through your stash (and your money), you’re probably interested in ways to stretch out your supply. This surefire technique is guaranteed to do just that. You may have even seen this done before but not known there was a name for it. Even if it is foreign to you, you won’t want to go back to your old ways after reading this.

I present: the art of cornering. It’s simple, extremely efficient, and doesn’t require much mental capacity. The purpose is to make sure everyone partaking in the sesh gets the greens. Pause. Yes, there are situations where you may want to light an entire bowl in one hit, but 1) that’s savage and 2) I’m not talking about that. Now, let me walk you through how cornering is done:

  • The first lighting of a bowl is the most crucial step. If you hold the flame too long and light it in the middle, you’ll be lucky if you save any greens for the next person. Instead, make sure to hold your lighter below the edge of the bowl and at a slight angle. You want to make sure you are only lighting one corner of the bowl. Slowly inhale to avoid torching the whole thing, then puff (puff) pass.
  • Once the cornering has begun, it’s the next person’s job to continue the pattern. You, person #2, flip that bic and light the bowl directly next to the first cornered patch. Puff (puff) pass.
  • Now that the pattern has been established, each person just has to continue cornering the bowl until you get back to the start. You can make your corners as big or as small as you want, but the goal is to ensure everyone in your sesh gets some greens.

Cornering works great for bongs, pipes, bubblers, and any other device that contains a bowl. If you’re smoking in a group, and you want everyone to be equally elevated, your bowl deserves to be cornered. You can thank me later. Check out this link for some great merch!