Alex Fox coming at you! We’re back to the 1s and 2s this week with the best songs that you can both work and smoke to. Just as they say, “find you a man that can do both…” You also have to “find you a playlist that can do both!”

Below, I drafted a slight Venn diagram of music and vibes that work both when you are working and also when you are lighting up and chilling out. To be included, the song must have enough energy in the vibes to make it fun to chill out to, but also mellow enough that you can crank at work.



Personally, I listen to music at work as a pick me up after lunch during the second half of the day. This provides a second wind and helps me to block out the noise in the office, which can get rowdy at times. I listen when I get home after work, where I usually like to smoke a joint with my roommate and catch up on our days while having a game on. I am a fan of watching sports at low volume and playing music as well over it (feel free to judge). I also listen to music when I’m on a run, commuting to work, and turning up on the weekend. I’m basically always listening to music.

Since I like listening to music in such different conditions, I needed one playlist that would work universally. With this mix, you can listen during the day at work, when you get home, when you relax and unwind, and even when you are pre-gaming to go out.

  1. Miss U – Inaes
  2. Say What You Like (ADAG!O Remix) – Delta Jack, ADAG!O
  3. On1y – Beave
  4. Spritzer – Just Kiddin
  5. Darkness – JLV
  6. Over You – Dillon Reed
  7. Make Me – Kaan Pars
  8. After Life – Tchami
  9. God’s Plan – Thoreau
  10. sHe – LTGTR

I hope you enjoyed the songs as always. If you are looking for a go-to online head shop head on over to Grasscity and pick up some merch to help you unwind after a long day’s work (and throw on your newly discovered songs.)