When the mainstream media portrays stoners, they resort to typical archetypes like the tie-dye-wearing college dropout or the long-haired couch potato.

A major key to discarding this outdated, stoner stigma is presentation. Now, more than ever, cannabis is becoming a product of White Collar America.


In efforts to push the young professional archetype to the mainstream, I’ve put together a starter pack for the high achievers.

While cannabis culture has spread into the professional world, we can’t really say the same about the reverse; however, by treating cannabis like a luxury product, maybe we can get the ball rolling.

Here are your starter pack essentials. Links for each item should lead you in the right direction!

Smell-proof case — Instead of storing your nugs in a plastic bag, or a random sock, upgrade to a smell-proof container.

Grinder card or nice grinder—Upgrade your plastic grinder to a grinder card or a metal grinder.

Vape pen—Keep the same convenience, but upgrade your bowl for a vape, such as the Pax3, to eliminate the smell and messiness of a bowl.

Rolling tray—Rather than using your counter or a random flat surface, invest in a cool rolling tray that matches your style.

Ash tray—Say goodbye to the garbage can or candle you were using to control ash. It’s time to add an ashtray to your collection. This will help tidy up your entire space by controlling your waste.

Bundles — A one-stop-shop to get your started. Or an awesome gift for a friend.

Thanks for reading! Drop some additional suggestions below in the comments if you have any other product recommendations for high achievers!