Being high and watching music videos is magically synergistic.

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This week I am going to give you 10 of my favorite hip hop music videos to throw on while smoking and chilling. The picks I describe below are great for when you are smoking and want some musical vibes and visual stimulation, but without having to focus. Yes, I just described a music video but added in smoking because like most things, music videos are significantly better when stoned!

See for yourself — they say a picture is worth a thousand words! Each image below has a link to a music video. So check them out and see if you agree with my ranking.

1. A$AP forever — A$AP Rocky


Take your time and check out these videos as you read through the article.

One of New York’s finest in the current generation of rappers comes with an absolute master piece on his most recent album Testing. This is one of two singles on the album (the other is Praise Da Lord) and is personally my favorite.

Directed by Dexter Navy, the visual moves comes at a dizzying pace as it follows the Harlem MC throughout New York. For most of the video, Rocky posts up with his crew passing blunts until the final parts of the song. At that point, the video gets even trippier as an image of Moby is spliced in while Khloe Anna’s vocals play in the background.

Like most of Lord Flacko’s visuals, the video exemplifies reminiscing on the past and life for the ASAP crew in New York. It is void of the over flashy glam that comes with being an icon. The grainy colors and images throughout the video add for an extra unique boost. Rocky and his crew pass blunts and there is plenty of smoking throughout. The high-speed changing of clips is sure to tickle your stoned brain. Enjoy!

2. We Dem Boyz — Wiz Khalifa


My favorite song from Wiz’s fifth studio album, Blacc Hollywood, this music videos is a classic. The budget probably was not too high, with what seems like just one camera shooting the majority of the music video. It must have taken them 100 takes to get this right because the final version is perfection. The video was shot in Atlanta, GA, which vibes well with the trap influence felt on the beat. This song is perfect for chilling or getting hype with your boys.

Once you click on this music video it is easy to get sucked down the Wiz music video rabbit hole, which isn’t surprising considering Wiz claims, “ I remember puttin’ weed in my videos, n*****s thought I was insane. Now every time I turn on a video, I see the exact same thing.” Let the self proclaimed (potentially true) inventor of the weed music video take you up a notch. You can’t go wrong with any Khalifa track when stoned.

3. Pop That — Drake, French Montana, Lil Wayne, DJ Khalid


For starters, this song has a completely stacked line up of A-list rappers so its not surprising they made an amazing music video. It seems like they followed the winning formula for the “how to make a hype hip hop music video” to a T… and it works. The music video takes place at a mansion party that us normal folk would never get invited to and I’m convinced only exist for music videos (making myself feel better!). Not only is there some fantastic talent with memorable bars from the rappers, there is not a lack of talent elsewhere in the music video. See for yourself. Click the link above.

4. Low Life — Future & The Weeknd


This song brings back epic memories for me, personally, which is why I put it on the list. This was one of the late night anthems for me and my friends during college and still holds up to this day. Whenever I play it and hear people get hype I think I am not the only one with memories associated with this song. The contrasting styles of The Weeknd and Future flow together perfectly in this music video with a great low key beat to go along with it. Throw this jam on late night and smoke a bong, trust me.

5. Orange Soda — Vic Mensa


This is certainly the sleeper pick of the Top 5, but it has to sneak in there for me. This is not a super well-known song or music video, but the first time I saw it I was sold. The beat is hot and the whole premise of the video looks like a good time… it’s what I would be doing with my friends on a weekend just relaxing and having fun. Additionally, they sample one of my favorite shows from growing up at the beginning — Kenan and Kel — which brings back memories of the simpler times.

Except for one thing. In the video, they are ripping a bong filled with orange soda throughout. I can’t condone this action cause I have never tried it, but I find it hilarious! Check it out and discover one that you may have not seen before.

Honorable Mentions

6. God’s Plan — Drake

7. Freaky Friday — Lil Dicky, Chris Brown

8. The Hills — The Weeknd

9. No Type — Rae Sremmurd

10. Collard Greens — SchoolBoy Q, Kendrick Lamar

Hopefully this list brings back good memories for you or was an introduction to some great new videos to watch to enhance your high. If you have never smoked and watched music videos before, give it a try this weekend.

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