Welcome back cannabis enthusiasts! If you haven’t read past week’s articles, you can check them all out here. This week we are diving into the ever-elusive task of smoking and remaining social. Most people will swear that the two are mutually exclusive; however, I personally love nothing more than having a few drinks and a little toke for that added boost before going out.

If your reading this, I bet you are in one of two camps… and I’ve seen this scenario play out too many times. Either A, your like me and leading the charge… or B, your like some of my friends who often counter my question of “want to smoke?” during a pregame with “I can’t, if I smoke I won’t be able to go out!” Well, fear not! I am going to give you the road map to be able to smoke and successfully go out…

Step 1: The Early Pregame

First and foremost, when you get to the pregame, do NOT immediately jump into having a smoking sesh. If you do, check out some of my playlists, here and here. You won’t make it out, but who cares… HAHA! Here is what you should do: Leave the ganja for Step 2. Instead, start with a couple drinks, conversate, and enjoy the vibes of the pregame. Wait till you are about an hour away from going out to bars or whatever your destination is. Make sure you are with a good high energy squad. If all of this is going according to plan, move to Step 2.

Step 2: Mid Pregame

If you’ve made it to Step 2, your probably feeling pretty good, but ready to elevate to that next level or just take a step aside to kick it with your Day Ones. Once you are about an hour from going out, and if you feel pretty good from the drinks then it’s time to see if people are into the idea of smoking and going out.

I am a big fan of a blunt before going out because they tend to wake you up and are fun to smoke when you have been drinking. They last longer, are fun to share, and taste better than papers, IMO. Make sure you are playing groovy toons and spark up. MAJOR KEY ALERT — Only take 2 or 3 hits and resume the regular pregame. Wait and see how the weed mixes with the alcohol before proceeding further. Don’t get too high too soon. You’ll end up ordering food and staying in. If you feel like you can still smoke more, then proceed to Step 3.

Step 3: End of Pregame

If you have gotten this far, way to be discipline on both drinking and smoking. The chances of you having a memorable night are looking up! At this point you should be about 80% drunk and 20% high. In the last few minutes before going out, you need to tip the scales. Change this ratio to 60% drunk and 40% high. This ratio will allow you to hear music in an enhanced way, while also having the social influences of the alcohol. Whenever I reach this ratio successfully, I feel super bubbly and chatty. So if that is how you feel, then you did if perfectly. Now you are ready for the final step, Step 4.

Step 4: Going out

Now that you are at Step 4, the hard work is in the past. All you have to do is choose the right place to go out. I like to bring my vape pen with me so that as I drink I can also throttle the high to my liking. If you don’t have one yourself, check out Brothers with Glass — they have a great selection. You, your friends, and maybe that special someone you meet will thank you later.

I recommend going somewhere with good music, but also the ability to get away from super loud music, big crowds, and that kinda talk where it seems like everyone is yelling. This gives you the ability to dance and let the weed and alcohol work together, but also get a break and chat it up with some ladies or philosophize with your buddies.

Hopefully this basic step by step guide helps you in the ever-evolving quest of maximizing the fun of going out. An added bonus is that when I smoke before going out, I end up drinking a lot less and end up significantly less hung over. Try it for yourself and let me know how you do. Drop a comment below.

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