If there is one thing that I know, it’s that music is only as good as the memories made to it.

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Today, we have the juicy topic of best “weed rappers”. Some of the best songs of all time have marijuana to thank as their inspiration. Whether it shows up as a lyric in the song or was used in the studio, it made an impact. This is because marijuana can liberate the mind and increase creativity and most likely played a role in your favorite songs being made. Lets dive in…

  1. Wiz

Potential hot take here, but in a lot of ways Wiz started the weed rapper culture by flaunting it with absolutely no shame and becoming an A-list rapper who strictly talked about smoking weed. From Black and Yellow to a Youtube series in Europe, he turned blazing dro into a career. Due to the content of his lyrics, his music always makes for a great smoke/rolling song… as long as its papers, which Wiz mentions in about every song. Ever since Kush and OJ came on the scene, to my personal favorite Taylor Allderdice, he has been my number one go-to when I need some hip hop smoking toons. To let the man himself do the talking, “Roll joints bigger than King Kong’s fingers/ And smoke them hoes down ‘til’ they’re stingers.”

2. Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi, the Man on the Moon… those two will always go together for me — that album was one of the best smoking albums of all time to blaze to then get in your thoughts. Not much more to say here other than if you disagree please rip the bong and play Man on the Moon all the way through and if you still disagree you must be a narc, lol.

Without a doubt, “Neighbors knockin’ on the door, asking can we turn it down
I say, “Ain’t no music on” she said, “Naw, that weed is loud” will always be one of the best weed bars of all time.

3. Drake

Drake, the most versatile artist I have ever heard and the man on top of the game for the past decade since So Far Gone and Comeback Season. No matter what you need, a song to smoke a blunt to with the boys before going out or late night in your feels when you and a lucky someone go back from the dance floor together Drizzy has got you covered. He has constant bangers for any and every mood which is always enhanced by a couple hits.

4. J Cole

Being from NC, I have been on J Cole ish since the Warm Up. I also had to throw him on the list for all the lyrical “purists” out there. Whenever a new album comes out, I try to smoke and listen to the whole album all the way through to give it a real chance. When you do this with a J Cole album, you realized that he is a straight wizard with his bars that you can only fully appreciate when you smoke and really listen.

5. Post Malone

I know you may be thinking it is way too early to be putting Post Malone on this list, but he really has the ultimate mix of high energy and chill at the same time. His beats never disappoint and his autotuned, laid back bars are the perfect thing to rip bong and just chill out to. Beerbongs and Bentleys was an instant classic and I expect more great things from Post in the years to come.

Other Honorable Mentions:

6. Weeknd

7. Juicy J

8. Notorious BIG

9. Chance the Rapper

10. Lil Wayne

Now you know my top 10 “weed” rappers, please do comment and if you must roast me in the comments section — go ahead and let’s embrace debate! Lastly, in honor of hip hop and weed, I encourage you to go check out the deals at GrassCity. Treat yourself to some papers or a bong and start your SoundCloud career and maybe you will make the list next year. Peace out!

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