What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word “stoner”?

You might think lazy couch potatoes doing something like this

Or something like this.

That used to be the case (and maybe still is…), but as weed legalization becomes more widespread, we’re seeing more “stoners” defy the old stereotype.

These highly effective cannabis enthusiasts champion activities and habits never before associated with the culture. Rather than falling down a YouTube Rabbit Hole, here’s how you can fit it into a productive lifestyle:

To Boost Creativity

Need to brainstorm? The initial stages of a project often require tasks like problem solving and research. Cannabis can help you to approach the project with more creativity and genuine interest.

To Increase Focus

Work can easily become monotonous, and cannabis can put you into a steady rhythm. It makes doing work feel less like work. Those who’ve experimented can attest to these tunnel-vision effects. Ease into it and you will find your comfort zone for maximum productivity for the right tasks. You move a little slower, but will without a doubt get WAY more into what you’re doing.

To Exercise

Although not a painkiller, cannabis distracts your emotional reaction to pain, making your discomfort more bearable. This makes it great for high interval, low intensity workouts like long runs and bike rides.

As a Reward

For ambitious types, each day is a productivity loop that likely includes working out, going into the office for a large part of the day, and often returning home and continue to answer emails and work on side projects. This loop can easily become mundane, which is why it’s important to reward yourself! Celebrate the small wins and enjoy a toke before bed — at that point, you’ve earned it! For your larger victories treat yourself to a new piece to celebrate a promotion or big life event. Treat yourself like a preschooler, and weed is your gold star.

The recurring theme in these “secrets” is in how you use this precious time. Whether you want to use cannabis to get in the zone or treat yourself, the key is to have a plan. It will take practice and everyone is different, but clearly being high and being productive do not have to be mutually exclusive.

Toke wisely.