What in the world is CBD?

I know, the whole cannabis industry is full of question marks and it makes it hard to tell the difference between all of the different products, strands, doses… I can go on, but I’m here to help you understand, not confuse you even more!

So, hey! I’m J — Thanks for checking out my first post!

For those who have been living under a rock, cannabidiol, commonly known as CBD, is one of the 104 chemical compounds known as cannabinoids found in the cannabis or marijuana plant, Cannabis sativa.

There is a growing field of science and numerous health benefits that have been linked to CBD.

It has some serious benefits: All the good things CBD can do (this includes serious conditions such as epilepsy in children and general depression in adults).

So, before you go taking advice from an internet stranger, let’s get a little personal.

I’m from the south, which isn’t necessarily know for their “forward-thinking” approach towards alternative medicine, especially one linked to a semi-legal drug (marijuana).

To my surprise, even down south, where no states have a current plan to legalize marijuana (except for Florida, but we all know that doesn’t really count as a traditionally southern state), my peers were well-aware and the economy was reacting.

In the past week, I’ve had many conversations about CBD and seen shops popping up all around the city. Last night at a local cigar shop, I saw a brand new display advertising CBD products that didn’t exist during the summer.

I even found a recent front-page article in my local newspaper about CBD’s rapid gain in popularity and awareness — including the mention of a Hemp Festival with over 100 vendors that occurred in August 2018! It makes sense that one of the northernmost states of the south would be the first to really embrace the popularity, but we’ll take any progress we can get.

Honestly, when I first started to learn about CBD a few years back, I was skeptical. This seemed like another short-lived craze with nothing more than placebo effects and internet hype. Additionally, with my mom being a practicing toxicologist with a master’s in nutrition, I was raised to distrust ‘natural remedies’ and the next new hot thing.

However, I am generally open-minded when it comes to ideas that are brought to me by my peers, which is how I was first introduced to CBD — Sorry Mom.

This happened during a field trip to the Rockies when I confided in a friend about my struggles with anxiety. He explained to me how he had a similar experience and suggested I try his sublingual CBD droplets.

Having been generally cognizant of my health and what I put into my body throughout my entire life (former college athlete, current wellness coach), I refrained in the moment, thanked him for confiding in me, and told him I would reach back out to him after conducting extensive research to learn more about CBD.

I was interested, but not quite ready to make the jump.

You might be feeling the same way, so instead of doing all the research on your own, I want to help you make a properly informed decision.

Fast forward a few years and I now use CBD on a daily basis to help with the stresses of graduate studies.

I have seen incredible results.

It helps to relieve anxiety and keeps me even-keeled throughout the day and in preparation of important meetings, presentations, or deliverables.

I have experienced a noticeable increase in my ability to focus and have been able to minimize any unhealthy internal dialogue that previously held me back. This has helped improve my mood and confidence at work and in social situations.

Thrilled by the positive impact of CBD on my personal daily experience, I am excited about the opportunity to share with you the world of CBD and the science behind it that I learned through my research.

As mentioned, I was very skeptical at first and diving deep into the literature gave me the confidence and trust to try CBD for the first time.

I am imagining this forum as a means to elucidate the science of CBD for you in a manner that is easy-to-digest and simple to navigate. Topics will include, but won’t be limited to: Your Brain on CBD, CBD and Health, CBD Clinical Trials, and many others.

Though just beginning, this blog will morph into a one-stop-shop for understanding what CBD is all about!

For me, the process of tracking down all the relevant information was an exhausting and daunting task. I want to make this step easier for others! Information is best when it’s shared and easily accessible.

This blog will be perfect for the person wanting to learn more before trying CBD for the first time or for the experienced user hoping to gain more insight into the science of CBD. I would greatly appreciate any topic suggestions or feedback so that I can both prioritize ideas and stimulate discussion. Please feel free to ask questions directly and I will do my best to answer them!

I’m looking forward to sharing with you what I have learned and hearing your thoughts — make sure to leave a clap and/or a comment below and let’s get this information out!

Your Friendly CBD Expert,