Everything’s better with music, especially smoking.

First things first, please feel free to light up while reading…but before you roll, let me lay out how this blog will work so you can navigate accordingly to the best vibes.

Let’s set the scene.

Currently, I’m a 25-year-old working in the finance department of a digital advertising company in NYC. I have two completely independent ears for music, but I’m equally passionate towards both: Hip Hop/R&B and EDM

Side 1: Hip Hop/R&B (If this isn’t your vibe, skip to Side Two: EDM and read on)

Step into my office for some hip-hop vibes…While there are infinite ways to split this genre into groups (which I’ll be doing through this blog) let’s start high level. There are two types of Hip Hop you want to hear while smoking, Chill (Indica) or Energetic (Sativa).

Now, let’s let the music do the talking.

Indica — Chill

1. When I’m Gone — Wiz Khalifa

2. Over My Dead Body — Drake

3. The Ways — Khalid ft. Swae Lee

Sativa — Energetic

1. The Plan — Wiz Khalifa ft. Juicy J

2. 4am — Travis Scott

3. Tuesday — ILOVEMAKONNEN ft. Drake

Side 2: EDM:

My EDM taste came in around 2011 when I first heard Party Rock Anthem and got hooked on the sound. Once again, there are multiple nuances within the EDM genre, but let’s stick with our high class structure of Chill (Indica) and Energetic (Sativa).

Throw these on and let the good vibes roll.

Indica — Chill

1. Be Your Girl — Kaytranada

2. Insane — Flume

3. I See Fire — Kygo

Sativa — Energetic

1. Never Be Like you — Flume

2. High You Are — What So Not

3. Shades of Grey — Oliver Heldens

Thanks for the reading, listening and hopefully partaking in these vibes.

All of the artists mentioned have their own take on the best way to get high Wiz is team papers while Juicy J loves a good bong or pipe, you can find it all at GrassCity so check it out and get some merch for the next jam session.

Drop a clap if you like these songs, drop a comment if you don’t and let’s debate.