You are probably wondering:

  1. What is this publication for?
  2. What can they do for me?
  3. What is a LeafBulb?

As Founder of LeafBulb, I want to introduce you to the site and what we are aiming to create.

As a young professional who grew up with marijuana products being taboo, I have always felt some sensitivity towards anything weed related. Now that I am fully independent and have some more years under my belt I got to thinking, “Why do I feel this way about marijuana?”

The answer to this question is very complex, but it boils down to how American society has categorized cannabis users. There is a stereotype that if you smoke weed, then you are unmotivated and probably live in your mom’s basement with no greater ambition in life. However, when I look around at both myself and my peers, the majority of which smoke weed, I see an ambitious group that has been successful thus far in life with even bigger plans for the future.

As this thought process developed, I thought to myself, “Why not set out to change this perception?”. In order to do this, I have started creating content. It comes at a time when the nationwide perception is changing but there is still a far way to go for those of us that work long hours, want to be CEOs, run marathons, or work to solve world hunger. I hope this publication can reach people like myself who enjoy taking a puff of a joint after a long day to relax.

I have assembled a group of writers that fit this mold in an effort to help our readers/followers enhance their relationship with weed. We’ll deliver health tips, music recommendations, the science behind CBD and THC, social commentaries, how-tos and more.

That just leaves the question of “What is a LeafBulb?” and to that I do not have a great answer, but I hope it will be a resource for our community and a brand we can all identify with.

Thank you,